What you don’t know can hurt you

Since most couples considering a divorce don’t know what they don’t know, our guided marital dissolution approach can save you thousands of dollars.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know!” — The Dunning Kruger Effect

At Green Giraffe, our thoroughly supported process, which walks you through all the steps and stages of your divorce with a single point person, is unique. Other services require you to complete an online questionnaire, then send you a plethora of overwhelming forms for you to complete and file on your own. We go the extra step personalizing the process and giving you a point person with whom you can ask questions and get general guidance. Our goal is to minimize your expenses while avoiding dangerous unknown pitfalls because “you didn’t know what you didn’t know.”

Our one-on-one support works with you to clear hurdles. We help you find answers to issues such as child support, alimony, as well as financial and business considerations. If additional support or answers are needed to resolve your case, we have extensive connections which will help you find the solutions you need. Getting it right the first time can keep you from spending thousands of dollars on attorney and court fees to fix your mistakes later down the road.

Green Giraffethe inexpensive alternative to costly attorney litigated divorces. But we won’t leave you out on a limb not knowing what you didn’t know!