The Benefits of Mediation

Mediation puts you in control of your divorce. A neutral 3rd party, typically an experienced attorney, will guide you through the process and help you to make informed decisions in the best interest of your family. Through several meetings your mediator will assist you with identifying points of disagreement, finding common ground and negotiating the terms of your marital settlement. You and your spouse are able to craft an agreement that works for you and your family without the expense of two attorneys or time in a courtroom. Take control of the very personal needs of your own family; don’t take a chance with a judicial system that does not have the intimate knowledge of your family and it’s needs. A team approach gives you more control over the final outcome.

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How Mediation Works

You determine with your spouse how much time you may need to work through issues based on the complexity of your case. If you have kids, own property together and/or have retirement accounts you may need more time to work through your issues but ultimately the decision is yours.

We have 3 tiers of pricing from which to choose. If at any time you feel you need more time to work through your issues, you can pay the difference and move to the next tier. Included in the price of mediation are the services of one of our Paralegals to prepare all the associated documents in your case up through and including the final Judgment or Marital Settlement Agreement.

  • Tier 1 | $3,975 for 3 hours, completed in 1 -2 meetings.
  • Tier 2 | $5,500 for 8 hours, completed in 2 – 4 meetings.
  • Tier 3 | $6,600 for 12 hours, completed in 4 – 5 meetings.

In addition we can set up the meetings in whatever fashion works for you and your spouse. Options include:

  • 100% virtual via Zoom.
  • 100% in person with all parties meeting at our offices.
  • A combination of virtual and in-person meetings.