Going through the divorce process can be challenging and expensive. I was so relieved to find out about Kerrie Buncher and Green Giraffe: a company set up to provide a reasonable alternative to navigate the general process and file needed forms, as well as to answer questions I may have.

Merry N. Colleague Green Giraffe Legal Docs, Inc.

Having seen Kerrie in action, I am constantly amazed, not only at the level of energy and enthusiasm she brings to her work, but also the depth with which she cares about her clients. When facing a challenging situation, Kerrie is definitely a good person to have on your side!

Michael C. Colleague Green Giraffe Legal Docs, Inc.

I was trying to handle my divorce on my own to keep legal fees in check. The team at Green Giraffe was great at walking me through the preparation of my documents as directed by their affiliated attorneys. It was a great combination as I got the legal advice I needed through consulting on an as needed basis. I saved money by handling my own case with the assistance of the team with legal document preparation, filing and service of these documents as needed. If you are the do-it-yourself type and don’t fear walking into court without an attorney for the smaller issues, then I’d highly recommend this route. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to guide me through the process.

John M. Cliient Green Giraffe Legal Docs, Inc.

These professionals are great at what they do. Not only do they help with legal docs but they are such effective listeners. If I know of others who need assistance in this realm I will send them your way! Thanks for taking care of me.

Frederick C. Client Green Giraffe Legal Docs, Inc.