Petition for Dissolution

To initiate a divorce proceeding, a Petition for Dissolution packet must be filed with the court. The purpose of the petition is for one spouse to inform the other that they are seeking a Dissolution of Marriage or Divorce. It also informs the courts of any potential issues in the divorce proceedings such as child support, spousal support, child custody and visitation and other factors.

Once the Dissolution packet is filed with the court, the person filing, called the petitioner will need to properly serve the other spouse, the respondent, with the paperwork. The respondent has 30 days, from date of service, to prepare a Response packet, file it with the court and serve on the Petitioner.

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There are supporting documents and procedures that must be followed when submitting your Dissolution Packet and these can vary from county to county. One might also consider certain rights to preserve with the court for future. At Green Giraffe we recommend that one starts the dissolution process with an attorney consult, although not necessary for some depending on the complexity of your case. An attorney consult allows the spouse filing for divorce the opportunity to better understand the process of divorce and develop a strategy centered around their goals.

Having an understanding of the divorce process and options related to ones goals, is helpful in determining the best route for ones divorce. For the do-it yourself person our team can assist you with filling out all the necessary paperwork, properly filing your dissolution packet with the court and service of the same on your spouse. Our team will quote a flat rate fee for this service so you can control costs and budget for your divorce.