What are the advantages of Unbundled Legal Services?

Unbundled legal services are becoming more and more popular. Basically, it is an a-la-carte menu that will give you legal document assistance for whatever you may need.

You can work with a Legal Document Assistant to prepare, file and serve your paperwork. Please note there are times when you may need and attorney, who can strategize with you. But it is good to know there are other routes you can take in between managing it all on your own and having an attorney handle your entire case, which is often not affordable for most.

Advantages of Unbundled Legal Help

Pay as you go

Most attorney’s will ask for an upfront retainer fee of anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000.  You pay for every phone call the attorney makes, any communication they have with the parties involved, the time to research and strategize the best plan for your case and your document preparation and filing.  With our approach you come up with the plan and strategy and we help you prepare and file the needed documents. You are quoted a flat rate fee for the work you need and there is no commitment or contract requiring you to replenish a retainer account.  You are in control of the fees and the cost of your legal services.

Save money on attorney’s fees

Not every family law matter is approached with a cooperative mindset.  Nor will flat fee Legal Document Assistant Services work for every situation.  Hiring an attorney is not economically feasible for many, especially if you have a spouse that wants to litigate every issue.  Unbundled legal services allows you to get the help you need to complete your court required paperwork at a fraction of the price of hiring an attorney to handle your case.

Resolve your legal issues faster

When you work with a Legal Document Assistant you give them the information and they prepare your paperwork.  There is not the constant back and forth you might have with an attorney. Nor is your case put on hold while the attorney is in court on another matter.  Your paperwork is done expeditiously and filed/served in a timely manner so you can get into the courtroom and get the results you need.

Need to Consult with an Attorney? Your LDA can provide you with a referral.

Your Legal Document Assistant is NOT an attorney and by law, they cannot give you legal advice or represent you in court.  However, if you need to consult with an attorney, your LDA can provide you with a referral. 

When money is an issue it is good to know you have options in between managing it all on our own and having an attorney handle your entire case.