Request for Orders

A Request for Order (RFO) is a request for the court to formally make orders in a legal matter. The judge appointed to your case will review the filed documents, listen to each parties point of view, examine the evidence provided and make orders accordingly.

Typically, an RFO is used to make temporary orders regarding child custody, child support, spousal support and property control at the beginning of a case. However, it can also be used to handle other more complex legal matters like payment of debt, restraining orders against domestic violence, move-out orders and move-away orders to name some others.

It is important to understand that just because a party is not familiar with court process, the rules of evidence and/or necessary procedures in bringing or defending an RFO, does not mean that the Judge will be lenient on those rules and procedures.

At Green Giraffe, our team can assist you in properly preparing and filing your paperwork for your RFO. Or respond to an RFO served on you. If desired one of our attorneys can also assist you in preparing for court. And for those that don’t want to represent themselves, one of our attorneys can attend court with you, as your legal representative.