Our Philosophy

At Green Giraffe, we have one goal in mind:

To provide affordable family law options for those savvy enough to shop for exceptional value while seeking for a more affordable way to get through their family law matters.

With over 10 years of experience assisting individuals navigate the dissolution process, we saw that our legal system was failing the needs of the everyday person.  At Green Giraffe Legal Docs, we provide a wide array of legal services from document preparation, mediation, attorney consultations and more.  We are dedicated to the emotional well-being of the entire family encouraging amicable solutions for your family law matters.  

For those situations that are more inflammatory, we strive to keep the process cordial through negotiation and education of the legal process.  We pride ourselves on providing high quality services and accessibility for all.  Our goal is to assist our clients with a positive and respectful experience while striving to keep expenses to a minimum.