The Team

Every project is different. Therefore, we put together a team of professionals that will work for your specific legal matter and issues.  Green Giraffe Legal is a sister company of Buncher Family Law, a boutique law firm specializing in complex divorce. Our combined experiences allow us to present a variety of options to help you successfully navigate the sometimes-complex legal process. Our goal is to find the combination of team members that will fit your budget and legal needs.  Our founder and managing attorney, Sven Buncher, has over 20-years of legal experience which he brings to Green Giraffe to assist the everyday person. With over ten years of boots-to-the-ground experience organizing and moving family law matters through the legal system, Sven’s wife, Kerrie Buncher, brings a unique non-attorney perspective to handle the all-important details.  

With the Do-it-Yourself mentality in today’s internet driven world with others advertising the $295 divorce, we wound up stepping in to assist many clients. Some were not fully understanding of their legal rights nor were their legal matters handled in the best or most expedient manner. In many cases, people who chose the Do-it-Yourself option ended up spending way more by the end of their divorce — or worse yet, found themselves back in a legal battle later down the road. 

This was the “you get what you pay for scenario.”  Our team at Green Giraffe felt there needed to be something in between which offered affordable services, while promoting amicable, family friendly solutions.

No two family law matters are the same. Each case brings a unique set of circumstances and different needs, and may require a variety of professionals. We work with a team of like-minded individuals, who can assist us with our goal of servicing our clients, yet keeping families best interest at heart.