Why to avoid “Do-It-Yourself” divorces

Unless your case is truly complex or simply not amicable, there’s an alternative path you can take rather than a formal attorney led divorce. Enter Green Giraffe.

“The best advice I can give you about a Do-It-Yourself Divorce is don’t.” — Jeff Lancaster, Forbes contributing author.

We start with a free consultation to gather and understand your situation in order to advise you on the various divorce options available. We are with you for the long-term from the start of your process to the conclusion.

Unfortunately, automated divorce processes are not at the point where an online one-time fee will truly get you the information needed to make informed decisions. Nor can this process understand and explain the myriad of options and negative implications that can be involved in a divorce.

Green Giraffe guides you through the process so you get it right the first time. We help you understand how the decisions you make will impact your family’s future. Peace of mind that your divorce was handled properly is key so your family can move forward towards that new beginning. And our team will quote you a flat rate fee at the start so you can appropriately budget for your divorce.

Going through the divorce process can be challenging and expensive. I was so relieved to find out about Kerrie Buncher and... Continue Reading

Merry N. Colleague Green Giraffe Legal Docs, Inc. April 1, 2020

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