Modification of Court Orders

Certain circumstances may arise in life that may require a modification to a family law order or your judgment (marital settlement agreement).

These circumstances include, but are not limited to, the safety and well-being of a child, loss of employment, change of employment or illness to name a few. There are hundreds of possible “changed circumstances” that could warrant the modification of a divorce, legal separation, paternity judgment or other order.

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To initiate the process, you will need to identify the change of circumstance(s) and what the effect of that change is on your current order(s) that you are requesting to be modified. Next you will need to complete and file a Request for Order outlining the requested change and providing a declaration and points and authorities as to why you are requesting the court to modify the current order. These documents will need to be served on the other party to your case.

If the court determines that there is enough merit to hear your request a date will be set for the matter to be heard in front of a judge. At Green Giraffe our team can assist you with filing and service of your documents, research to support your request and preparation for court.

Likewise, if you are served with a RFO for modification of a court order our team can assist you with reviewing the RFO, researching the law related to the request, preparation and filing of a responsive pleading, a declaration and points and authorities. Once complete, the response to the RFO and related documents will need to be served on the moving party.

Addressing the arguments in court or defending a motion to modify a court order takes preparation and skill. Additionally, the evidence to support one’s position and knowing how to present that evidence is key. One of our skilled attorneys can assist you with properly preparing your case and if you choose can accompany you to court to represent your interest.