Forgiving your former spouse has its benefits

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that going through a divorce can cause bad feelings that, in many cases, are long-lasting. Moving forward with divorce can and will have an impact on many facets of your life. It makes it harder to raise children on your own, you could end up socially isolated, and it may have adverse effects on your financial situation.

Going through the divorce process itself is often complicated. It has the potential to be emotionally, physically, and mental draining. The disagreements that you and your spouse had when married often rear their ugly heads throughout the proceedings. Arguments can erupt over child custody and support, finances, and other “hot button” issues that leave you feeling angry, hurt, saddened, and worried about your future.

One way of coping with all of the negative thoughts and feelings that you’ve been harboring prior to and after your divorce is to consider forgiving your former spouse. Forgiving your ex is not the same as forgetting all of the frustration, pain, and heartache that was a part of both your marriage and your divorce – nor does it condone any bad behavior on the part of your former partner.

However, forgiveness gives you the power to heal, to be able to give and receive love, and to get more of what you want out of your life as you move past divorce and look ahead to a better future.

Live healthy

What are some of the benefits of forgiving your ex? First and foremost – it will make you healthier. According to research conducted by Johns Hopkins Medicine, there are many health benefits that may result from forgiveness. These can include reducing your risk of cardiac problems, helping to lower your cholesterol, improving your sleep quality, and reducing stress and anxiety.

Other important benefits provided by forgiveness could be:

  • Setting a positive example for your children
  • Having more time and energy to devote to making your future a better one
  • Giving you closure
  • Being more open to finding new love

One more benefit

If the previous five reasons haven’t convinced you that forgiving your former spouse is the path you need to follow, then take a few minutes to think about it as a way to annoy your ex.  Forgiveness gives you power!

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