What makes divorce so expensive?

Navigating the process of divorce can be both emotionally and financially challenging. As a person embarks on this important life transition one of the first questions that may arise is, “What makes divorce so expensive?”

Indeed, two key factors that contribute to the price of divorce are court costs for filing for divorce and paying for an attorney.

Depending on your fee structure with your attorney aspects like meetings, emails, and phone calls can add up in cost. Knowing how much it’s going to cost upfront can help divorcing spouses prepare for the end of their marriage and start a new chapter of their life.

The divorce industry

When delving into why divorce costs so much it’s essential to understand the dynamics of the divorce process. Attorneys contribute to a significant amount of divorce costs. However, over the years the industry has evolved to accommodate the multifaceted aspects of divorce resulting in a range of professionals who provide specialized services. Divorcing couples may require private mediation, divorce coaches, therapists, or forensic accountants, to name a few experts who might need to be added to the divorce process. While these non-legal professionals can be invaluable to those going through a divorce their expertise comes at a price.

In addition, filing for divorce often involves a variety of court fees. The more contentious and hostile a divorce becomes the more divorcing parties risk spending additional money and time to resolve their matters.

At Green Giraffe, our mission was created to develop a business model that supports individuals who either lacked the financial resources to afford high-end legal services or prefer not to spend significant savings on the divorce. We believe that everyone deserves a fair divorce without compromising their financial well-being or future happiness.

It’s not just about the money

While the financial aspects of divorce are significant, it’s important to acknowledge that the costs extend beyond dollars and cents. Divorce can take an emotional toll on individuals making it essential to consider the emotional costs associated with the process.

In response to the growing awareness of this emotional impact alternatives to traditional divorce proceedings have emerged. Mediation and unbundled legal services offer more cost-effective options, providing individuals with the support they need while minimizing financial strain.

At Green Giraffe, we understand that divorce is too expensive for many people. That’s why we are dedicated to offering affordable divorce help that is a compassionate and cost-effective alternative to the traditional divorce industry. We help people end their marriages with dignity, respect, and mutual understanding.